In a heavily dev-focused environment we help you stand out by focusing on what truly matters.

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We help blockchain projects develop to their full potential

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Working on some co_ol Sh#t

We've been working harder than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, but don't just take our word for it. Check out these projects we've been putting our all into.

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We don't have a picture all together, some of us have never even met in real life...but here you have another group of nerds for reference

A diverse, world-wide, user-obssessed group of nerds

I work with a team of freelancers ranging from Graphic Designers, 3D Animators, Developers all the way to Teddy Bear Surgeons and one cranky Pet Food Taster.

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7 foolproof ways to bomb your next funding round

You have an amazing project idea, the ultimate dream team, you even hired that 17 year old kid that hacked into the Pentagon 8 times in the past 2hs… You could still raise no more than USD$5 if you don't do things right! Download this guide and avoid these common mistakes!

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How do you even achieve all of this?

Even though I would love to say I have Harry Potter's magical wand, the way we actually are able to create these amazing products is by following a well organised, goal focused approach.

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Research & strategy

The key to this first stage is knowing what you want to achieve. By conducting workshops such as Discovery, UX Research, User Journeys, among others, we will help you define your goals and give your product a final shape.


Semi-prototyped wireframes will help test our assumptions to be sure everything works as intended, and prevent any unpleasant surprises later on. If we are doing branding, here we’ll start building the main components of the brand.

Design + Prototype

We’ll create a UI that accomodates to your style and brand, and start designing. Desktop and mobile prototypes will help not only to test the product but to hype the community behind it.

Launch & Handover

I’m not one to dissapear once I have been paid. I tend to maintain meetings and catch-ups way after my job is done to make sure the product is being developed as intended and everything’s running smoothly.

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Book a free 30’ discovery call

Pick a time that works for you and we will jump on a Zoom call. We will discuss your goals, pain points and how we can help!

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Feeling shy? Let me buy you a drink first

If jumping straight into meeting a stranger over the internet is not your jam, just shoot us an email. Click the button to copy our email address (I’m not actually buying you a drink).