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— about me


I was born in Argentina and moved to Melbourne in 2020, I know, amazing timing 🙄 I have been doing design for 10 years (at least professionally, I actually made my first website at 13).

I am a UX/UI designer, web developer, graphic designer, photographer, guitar player, the list goes on… I just honestly love the proces of creating almost as much as I love Star Wars 🌑

— team

Not looking to seem corny, but I couldn’t do this alone

I work with this group of freelancers because they are, plainly said: F*CKING AMAZING! Every new project means a new opportunity to learn from each other.

Not looking to seem corny, but I couldn’t do this alone

Ornella Manes

Graphic design


Website design

Jonathan Jara

3D Modeling

3D Shading + Rendering

3D Animations


Maxi Kamegawa

Animation & motion graphics

Video Editing

Jules Davies


Content Marketing

Ivan Joly

Front-end developer



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