A well organised process, regular catch-ups and clearly defined milestones will take you far.

— process

How does all of this work?

Research & strategy

The key to this first stage is knowing what you want to achieve. By conducting workshops such as Discovery, UX Research, User Journeys, among others, we will help you define your goals and give your product a final shape.



Semi-prototyped wireframes will help test our assumptions to be sure everything works as intended. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises later on. If we are also doing branding, here we’ll start building the main components of the brand.


Design + Prototype

We’ll create a UI that accomodates to your style and brand, and start designing. Desktop and mobile prototypes will help not only to test the product but to hype the community behind it.


Launch & Handover

I’m not one to dissapear once I have been paid. I tend to maintain meetings and catch-ups way after my job is done to make sure the product is being developed as intended and everything’s running smoothly.


— services

There is a lot of things that we can do, check them out!

Personally, I love it when someone comes with a half-developed idea that they are not sure how to build but they are absolutely passionate about. Whatever idea, bring it over and we’ll make it a reality together. 💃

Here are some things we’re awesome at

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